Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Retirement

Congratulations on your Retirement Mom!
Tuesday night my mom was honored for her many years of service at IP. I was glad we got to go and be a part of this celebration! They had little tags for everyone to wear that had mom's saying on it..."It is what it is!"

Today was her last day at the office. Wow! That had to be an awesome feeling. I wonder what it's like to wake up and realize you don't have to go to work today? I have quite a few more years before I will know that! Ha! Mom has worked her years and now it's time to sit back and relax! Sophie made a little trip to the office today...

Enjoy your time now Mom! I love you!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Give Me a Bear Hug

Last Friday night Connor spent the evening with my Dad. Their original plan was to go to Busch Gardens. When they got there they said it was too crowded. So they went to some stores and ate dinner at The Olive Garden. While they were gone they were informed that my cousin had killed a bear. So when they got back home they headed to the action! I called Connor about 11:30 to see when he would be home. My dad said he would have him home shortly. Well, Connor changed my dad's mind! They stayed out to see the bear and get in on the pictures. You know it's not everyday you are up that close and personal with a black bear! Connor was loving it! He finally came in around 1:30 that morning!

Monday, October 26, 2009


This past weekend was Homecoming at SHS. We went out a few weekends ago looking for a dress. We had luck and found one pretty quick. Madison was pretty excited last week. She has been participating in spirit week and staying after school with SGA to help decorate. It's hard to believe I have a child who is in High School! Am I that old! I guess so! Here are a few shots of her in her 'spirit' wear!

Her friend Nathan couldn't go to the dance. As many of you know he hurt his back a few weeks ago playing football. His mom brought him over before the dance. He had bought her a corsage. So we got lots of pictures and we all visited for a while.
Madison looked so beautiful and grown! I took her and two of her friends and dropped them off. As I was driving away I got kind of teary eyed! I was thinking, Oh my, I have a daughter who is this old and I am dropping her off at a high school dance!
She had a great time and made some good memories!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Anniversary Weekend

Last Saturday, October 17 was our 17 year anniversary! It doesn't feel like I've been married that long. Here I am just turning 19....

I was just a baby! But I wanted to get married. So my parents went along with my wishes. I did promise I was going to stay in school and finish college. I admit it took a little longer than four years, but hey I did graduate! You know I had to take a few breaks in there and have a few babies! Our married life has been a blast! We have had ups and downs just like every married couple. But we always kiss and make up! I enjoy each day with Dean. I thank God for putting him in my life when I was just 12 years old. Yep, we met when I was 12. So I have known him for 24 years! Wow! Anyway...last weekend we went away for a few days. It seems like we always go somewhere for our anniversary. We started this on our first anniversary and it just always seems to happen. This year we went back to Charlottesville.

We even played our music in Charlottesville!

We had a great time. We relaxed and enjoyed each others company. Dean told me I needed some stress relief so I was treated to a 90 minute massage! Oh, it felt so good. The lady recommended I get monthly massages! Ha! That would be nice. She said the knots she felt had been there a while and would take some time to get rid of!

These were waiting on me when I got back from my massage...

We got to attend the Third Day concert too. That was awesome! We really had a great time! It's nice to get away sometimes. But we did miss our kids. And we talked about them most of the time! Thanks to Mamaw and Gampa for watching the crew!

It was pretty late one night, so we found this cute little pizza place!
And of course we had to have a late night dessert! Maggie Moo's

I had to take a picture of this sweet was huge!
We saw this outside of some vintage shop at the Downtown Mall...

The concert was was cold!

Having me some very good organic hot chocolate!

I love you Dean!