Thursday, December 31, 2009

My little Snuggle~Bug

Madison put her Snuggie on Sophia after she got out of the bath until she could get dressed. She was so cute!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just because...

Madison being very creative...She put the potty in the tent and read It's Potty Time to Sophia...It worked!

Thanks honey for putting the trees up before you went to didn't have to carry them both out at the same time!

Sophie Girl loves her Bubbas

I was trying to get her to smile and this is what I got, too cute! The many faces of Sophia...

Um... had to throw this one in for Madison!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Memories...

Did you have yourself a Merry Little Christmas? We sure did! I am finally getting around to posting about our Christmas. We have been pretty busy around here. Christmas 2009 was full of excitement, laughter and love. I love all the excitement that comes along with Christmas. I love talking about the birth of our Savior with our children. I think Sophia knows Christmas has something to do with a birthday and Jesus! She loves playing with her little nativity set. She will say, 'play with Jesus' I love it!
I am feeling so immensely blessed this Christmas season! I am so thankful that I have my family to spend this holiday with. I am so thankful for the reason we celebrate this holiday season...Jesus. Christmas isn't about us, it's about HIM. It's always about HIM!

Now let me warn you...I have posted A LOT of pictures! I think I took somewhere around 400 or so pictures over the past week. I went through and chose a few to share.
So here is a little peek into The Whitehurst Christmas...
We saw Santa back at Thanksgiving. Sophia didn't want to have anything to do with him. I didn't get a good picture that day of all four of my kids with him. So we had to make another trip to see Santa. Sophia still didn't like him. So Madison just had to hold her. Madison and Connor were sooo excited to have their picture taken with Santa. (Hehe) Madison said, "Only for you Mom." How sweet! I told her it's like a tradition. I've done it every year since her first Christmas. She will be in college still getting in the family photo with Santa!

We spent Christmas Eve night with our family at Lou and Dawn's. We had yummy appetizers and desserts. The kids played, watched 'A Christmas Story,' and opened gifts. My mom used different pieces of candy to talk about the birth of Jesus. Everyone got to fill their bag up as she went along with the story. This was so cute!

Christmas morning I had my alarm set for 6:00. Connor came into our room before I could get up! My kids are so good! They come to us before they go and see what Santa left! I remember when I was little. My sisters, brother and I would get up during the night and sneak to the den to see what we got. We just couldn't wait until morning.
So we got up. Braeden went to wake Madison up. This is funny, she told Braeden to come back later, she was getting too old for this! She got up and we followed the three of them to Sophia's room. Bless her heart. She was probably wondering why in the world we were waking her up so early! But she went along with the plan. Everyone headed downstairs to see all the surprises...

Wow...He sure is excited!

Um, I don't know about these two. I think they need some warming up!

He got the Troll boat!

I'm loving the purse! I said I might need to borrow it.

You know Braeden loves some rocks. He got a rock tumbler. He loves it. We had to start it that day.

This little robot bug sure was a hit!

I love how all the kids helped Sophia with her toys and gifts.

Somebody is going to stay warm!

Sophie and her Gabba's

Meme, Ronnie and Emmy came over for breakfast.

Then it was off to Mamaw and Gampa's...

Granddaddy, Betty and Sarah came over Saturday morning before Dean had to go to work.
Sophie got a Vera!

Alright, Wii Sports Resort...they are gonna be busy!

Sissy got some Vera too!

I think they are addicted to the DJ Hero...

and the Wii Fit Plus! I think Santa knew what he was doing bringing those!
Even Gampa got in some time on the Wii Fit!

On Sunday afternoon The Wise family had a get together. Ma was sick and couldn't come. My mom went out to the Bronco club and set up and then went and stayed with Ma. I wish she could have come but these things happen. I'm glad Pa got to come. It was great getting family together.

All the great grandkids...

And all of the grandkids...