Friday, July 31, 2009

Heirloom Party

Wow! There are so many people at this party in blog land! It's getting big. Already over 90 attenders. I just found out about it here or I would have been here earlier. But you know me, I'm always running late. So we are supposed to be sharing any heirlooms we may have. I don't really have a lot of heirlooms but I have a few things I can share. I do have lots of things that I would like to become heirlooms one day.

We have had this dresser for about 16 years. Dean's dad was going to sell it at a yard sale! So I took it off their hands.

I just recently got this teacup and saucer from my mom's china.

This baby blanket wasn't really passed down from someone. My grandmother's sister made it for me when I was a baby. But it's something that can be passed down.

These items were my granny's (my great-grandma).

I can remember seeing this frame on a bookshelf in her house when I was little. I've kept the same pictures of me in it.

I actually have her old piano. And there are several things of hers in the bench. This is an old song book. It looks like maybe she used it at church.

This was my baby dedication dress. My grandmother gave it to me. My mom had saved it and several years ago I had it framed.

I have several pieces of oak furniture that could possibly be heirlooms to my children one day. Here are a few pieces. I love my computer armoire. And my parents bought us this hall tree for Christmas one year.

So there you have it. I didn't bring too much to the party. But it was fun! You should go check it out and see what everyone has to share!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


What do you see? Do you see anything NEW?

My baby has two new front teeth! Yep, that's right, Miss Sophia at almost 18 months old has got her two top teeth. She was playing around and I snapped these shots. Can you see them? You can also see that top molar pretty good too!

They are really starting to come in good. She looks so cute when she smiles! I will have to update you all later when they come in more!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Daddy's Five Days...

We are a shift worker's family. Some of you can relate I'm sure. Dean works three different shifts and he is off certain days of the month. Well, around here we look forward to those days off, especially in the summertime when we are all home. And we really love his five days off! This summer we have tried to do different things when he is off. So the past few days we have spent some quality family time together. I love it!
We went to the beach on Monday. Everybody loves going to the beach. Okay, not quite sure Sophia loves it yet. But I do think she is getting there. She doesn't scream and cry anymore when her feet touch the sand! She will actually walk in it, sit in it and play in it now. We didn't get to stay quite as long as we wanted because of the storm that blew in but that's okay, there is always another day!

These boys love the water!

Sophie was amazed at the jets that kept flying over. "Hairpain" she kept saying and pointing. Then she would say "Where'd it go?" She would get so excited!

Madison was sporting her 'Stellan Will Live' bracelet.

My view from my rearview mirror on the way home. They were zonked!

Yesterday we did Busch Gardens again. You know when you have season passes to Busch Gardens and Water Country you have to make several trips there! And I think yesterday was like the hottest day ever! I'm thinking we should of went to the water park instead. Actually, we were minus one child yesterday. And Connor did go to Water Country yesterday with a friend. But we had fun despite the heat. We even got in a little shopping time and a nice dinner at The Olive Garden.

Don't think she likes to get too close!

Aw, look at big sis riding with her little sis.

Braeden had the right idea! He was getting cooled off!

Sophie liked the horses. Sometimes she will get on a ride and not want to get off!

Sophie was just about to start crying here. I took the picture real quick. Then she started crying for daddy.

So Daddy had to get on and ride beside her!

Family time is great! I think we created some good memories these past few days!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Please Pray for Stellan

Several months ago I posted something similar. Today Please join me in praying for this little baby. Stellan is the 8 month old son to MckMama. He and his family are really having a rough time. I don't know this family but that doesn't matter. This is a blog that I read everyday. And Stellan has become a household name. My kids even ask me "How is Stellan doing today?" The baby is not doing well at all. He suffers from SVT. His little heart beats way to fast. He was put back into the hospital this weekend. I also get updates through Twitter. So this weekend when I would hear my phone beep I would feel an ache in my stomach not knowing what was going to happen to this sweet baby. This mom has remained so true in her faith. She has put everything in God's hands. She is trusting him to heal her son. Please take some time today and visit her blog and say a little prayer for Stellan!

Prayers for Stellan