Saturday, February 28, 2009

Laundry, Laundry, Laundry!

I lost count of how many loads. Our dryer has been out of order for the past three days. So that meant no clothes could be washed. Yikes! Dean got it fixed last night so I got busy today!

From this...

to this! And tomorrow it will start all over again :-)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Sick Day

Whew, what a day! I stayed home again today with Sophia. I'm glad I made that decision. My sweet girl just wants somebody to hold her when she doesn't feel good. So I am definitely up for the job. We have some snotty noses and coughs going on at our house. I spent 3 hours at the doctors office/hospital this morning. Let me tell you Sophie is not a fan of getting a chest x-ray. I left knowing that Sophia has pneumonia. Poor baby girl. I thought her chest was very congested. She is on a strong antibiotic now. So I think this along with some prayers will put her on the road to recovery!

Sophie still has some smiles even though she doesn't feel well. She has been so good.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Letting Go A Piece of the Past

Dean told me it was time...oh I was kind of sad..this stuff is priceless!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Was A Winner

It is late and I should be going to bed but since I am still up I might as well blog about my night...
Sometime last week I was checking the weather on a local television website. I saw this little box for a contest, "Meet David Archuleta." So I entered, I thought it would be something Madison would enjoy if by some chance I won. I didn't think anything else about it. Well yesterday I was notified that I won! So this afternoon Madison and I headed to the Sandler Center in VA Beach met the American Idol (well almost), had dinner, and attended the concert. Thanks Mom and Dad for watching my other children. You're the best!

This is my photo that was taken to put on Fox43's website!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Sock Monster

Do you ever lose socks? I know you do. We can't be the only ones. In our house we are always trying to find socks or should I say socks that match. We joke and say something must be eating them in the laundry room. I honestly don't know where they go. I go out and buy new packs and in a week or two we can hardly find a few matches! When the clothes have been folded there always seems to be these few lonely socks that just hang out in the basket because they didn't have a match. And after a while those few turn into a lot! So Saturday afternoon Madison and I with the help of Sophia decided to tackle the socks. First we sorted by colors and then we started matching. I said any sock that doesn't have a match is going in the trash. And there were quite a few that didn't find their mates. You know I should have counted. Sophie enjoyed the project. She kept wanting us to put the socks on her feet. Anyway the job was completed and we are starting our week off with LOTS of matched socks.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

PTA Program

The first graders performed last night at the PTA meeting. Here is Braeden doing his 'Valentine' portion of the program. (Braeden is the one in the striped sweater holding the blue heart :-)
Remember you have to cut my music off at the bottom of the page.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Well, if you haven't heard that nasty little germ has made its way back into the Whitehurst household. It visited us last year about this same time actually. Connor and Braeden got visited and then it put Mommy in the hospital. It was pretty bad.
Last week Dean was sick. They said he didn't have the Flu but the Dr. said if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck Then it's a duck! He was better after about 4 days. It's rough when daddy is sick too :-) Madison started feeling bad Sunday afternoon. Today she tested positive for the flu :( Please keep her in your prayers. We are hoping she will bounce back quickly!

Madison's nightstand

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Ma!

Today is Ma's 76th birthday. I am so blessed to have her in my life. She has been through so much this year. I thank God for watching over her and healing her. Tonight we celebrated her birthday with a pizza party. I think she enjoyed herself. She got her first Vera Bradley :-)


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fun With Gamps!

My boys (along with their cousins)got to spend some quality time with their Gampa tonight. What better way to spend a chilly February night than by a fire? Connor asked if they could have a fire and roast hotdogs. So that is what they did! I think Gampa was having as much fun as the boys. He had everything down to the onions for the hotdogs! Thanks Dad for having a 'Boys Night Out.' You're the best!
I am so thankful that my children live close to their grandparents. I remember growing up as a child and spending time with my grandparents. It was great! And I cherish all those memories. I am glad my children get to make those kinds of memories too!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Heart Day

Today is that special day to remember your sweetheart. 16 years and 4 kids later, I love Mine more than ever! Here are a few 'Love Notes' to my Big Sweetheart and my four little Sweethearts.....
HUBBY *I love that Dean picked me! Thanks for not giving up on me. I love you!
KIDS *I love being your Mom. What a wonderful gift from God to be a mother, your mother. Thank you guys for the wonderful blessings you have brought into my life. I love you Madison,Connor, Braeden and Sophia!
HUBBY *I love that our family is so important to you. You are a wonderful husband and father. I am so thankful we have kept adding to our family. We have been blessed for doing so :-)
KIDS *I love Connor's sense of humor. This boy cracks me up. He is such a sweetheart and I love how he loves his baby sister. He is so good with her.
KIDS *I love that Madison is so compassionate. She looks out for others and enjoys doing it. I also love that she enjoys learning. She is very smart. She is a great example for her younger siblings. Love you Mat-Mat!
HUBBY *I love when Dean surprises me with laughter. He can be a real clown! Everyone needs some laughter in their life.
KIDS *I love Sophia's smile. Oh, it just melts my heart. Need I say more?
HUBBY *I love Dean for being so patient with me. Thanks for helping me with all my 'important' decisions. I know it drives you crazy sometimes but you are so good at it :-)
KIDS *I love that my Braeden is so sensitive. He really is. Not only to people's needs but also to the spirit. You would be amazed at some of our conversations. He is such a sweet blessing to our family.
HUBBY *I love that Dean is such a helpful husband and Dad. People always tell me how lucky I am. I truly am. He is so helpful, he always pitches in to help. He is a fantastic cook. I love how he always makes sure each of our children know just how much he loves them.

I am so thankful that God had a plan 23 years ago when Dean and I met. I never imagined that it was going to be this good!
Happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

12 Month Well Check Up

Sophie visited Dr.Ponder today. She didn't want to sit on the scales at first but we got her to do it and I even got a quick picture. She weighs 19.2 lbs. The doctor said she looks great. She cooperated with him and the nurse. She didn't like the toe prick. I think it was the squeezing of the toe to get the blood out. But,she didn't even make a sound when she had her TB skin test...such a big girl!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sophie's First Birthday Party


*1 Perfect Sunday afternoon
(Thank you God for a gorgeous day)
*2 lucky parents
*4 grandma's and grandpa's
*12 presents
*9 aunts and uncles
*8 cousins
*1 very cute and delicious cake
*5 friends
*1 pretty pink tutu
*2 loving brothers
*1 proud sister
*194 Sugar Babies in a bottle
*7 balloons
*1 pinata

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Sophia!

My baby is one.
Tonight as I rocked her to sleep I held her tight and held back the tears. I was sad that this will be the last time I will celebrate a one year birthday with one of my children. I tried to freeze the moment in my memory. I smelled her, I held her little hands and kissed her little toes. She is getting so big (well not that big-she weighs about 18 1/2 pounds). She is learning something new each day.
She is my baby.
When I look at Sophie all my problems seem to melt away...problems of the day, stress, the messes on the floor..she can make it all disappear. There is nothing but her sweet little babyness. A soft little girl that entered this world one year ago today. I thank God for being with us that night. Everything happened so fast, but He was in control. You are so special and so loved.
This evening Sophie opened a few gifts. She loves her new ball pit and I love that she loves it (*sniff sniff*). She spent like 30 minutes in it! She enjoyed playing with the wrapping paper more than her Bitty Baby I think :-)
Happy birthday to my precious baby girl. Thank you for nurturing us into more loving adults. Sophie, you have brought so much joy to our family, more than we could have ever hoped for. I will never forget something Braeden told me not too long after you were born. He said you were the missing puzzle piece. It's true. Your brown eyes and big smiles just melt our hearts.
You are an angel, sent straight from heaven to bless our lives. You glow- I can't wait to see the plans that God has for this little girl!
I love you Sophia!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Way To Go!

I wanted to give a little shout out to Madison and Connor! Report cards came home on Tuesday. Madison made Principal's List and Connor made Honor Roll. You guys keep up the good work..we knew you could do it! We are so proud!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Only ten more days 'til Valentines Day. So lets talk about LOVE.....
Websters dictionary defines love this way...
love: a strong affection for another out of kinship or personal ties; maternal love for a child
Wow that is pretty powerful. "I love you" is something we hear frequently (I hope everyone does). And usually we respond back with an "I love you, too." I always play with Braeden and when he responds back to me I will say "I love you more" and that leads him into saying "No, I love you more" and we can keep going. It's so cute. It just kind of comes natural to say these words. Have you ever wondered how our children learn to say it? I guess they do hear us say it so many times as they are growing up. I remember when Madison was a baby not even two yet she would say "I lug" for I love you. So our kids have been saying it as long as I can remember. They just learn it at such an early age and it's so simple to say and express our feelings. It's a wonderful feeling to hear them say I love you knowing that this isn't something we forced them into saying. It just comes from their hearts. I hope these words never disappear in our home!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Need vs Want

As many of you know, we attended Acquire the Fire this past weekend for the first time. (Thanks Mom and Dad for watching Sophia and the boys:-) We took 6 teens with us. They were great! We were able to worship with thousands of other believers. We watched some awesome dramas. And were able to hear some great concerts, Everyday Sunday, The David Crowder Band. I have to say Kutless isn't really my type, however there were a couple of songs from them that I liked. Unhindered was the band that did the worship. I really enjoyed them..bought the CD! Hoping Mom can learn one of the songs. The messages that we heard were really geared towards the teens but they spoke to the adults as well. One that really stood out to me was- Do we treat Jesus like a need or a want? A need is something a person has to have in order to survive. A want is just something we would like to have-You can live without your wants. Our lives are oriented around things we need-food, shelter, etc. People do have 'want' lists. Jesus shouldn't be on our 'want' list. Some people 'want' Jesus when it's convenient-when they're desperate. That's not how it should be. Jesus isn't a want. Jesus should be a NEED. A person NEEDS air to live. Think about being underwater and you NEED to come up for air. You will do anything to get to the surface to fill your lungs- anything-You're desperate. When you think about it nobody lives in a plastic bag with no air. We need it- We NEED Jesus. Our entire universe should revolve around him. We shouldn't treat Jesus like an accessory, like a pair of old earrings or a pair of pants we just had to have and then 2 weeks later we can't find them. Just as there are physical needs that we have to have in order to survive- We NEED Jesus! I'm glad we had this opportunity to spend time with the teens and get to know them better. I learned some things about them that I didn't even know. And I think they got to know each other a little better too!

Madison posing with Unhindered singer

Dinner at McDonald's

Up early for breakfast!

Lunch at Extreme Pizza

Group shot
(You might need to turn my page music off at the bottom to hear this video)