Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Day...Take Two!

We woke up to a bright snowy day again! Everytime I walk by a window this big glare comes in! It's kind of neat to walk by a window and see everything white outside. Sometimes I forget and my brain has to reset! Today we didn't have church due to the road conditions. I thought I was going to have a pajama day BUT my kids had other plans! Of course they headed out first thing this morning. Sophia and I stayed in until about lunch time. Then my parents came over. Sophia sweet talked Gampa into taking her out.
I have taken a lot of pictures this weekend! I Love taking pictures! But since I got my new camera last year I think I take even more! It's just so easy to do. When I went to upload today I think I had like almost 900 pictures! Yikes! In my defense though, I had Christmas ones on the card too! Anyway, enjoy these pictures from our Snow Adventure 2010...

Our snowy yard...

Mamaw and Gampa came over and Sophia wanted to go outside...

Striking a pose!

The kids had a blast sledding!

Sophia finally started liking the white stuff!

Watch out below! Here comes Braeden Cole!

Madison and her friends...(photo courtesy of Madi!)

Okay, I said I was going to venture out...So I did!

Here comes me and Sophia!

I don't think she liked this too much!

Loving the boots!

Had to snap this one of Mamaw trying to come off the golf course...

Bless her heart! She was soo tired on the short ride home! She was about out!

Then here she is when we came in! She just fell out on the floor! Ha!

Playing around with the boys...

I had to take a picture with the dog....for Dean!

Two of many snow angels that have been made!

The boys stayed out just about 'til dark! So much fun!

One more of the cute boots Sophia was sporting!

A shot to remember! The kids clothes piled up here time after time. They were picked up, dried and ready for the next go around!

A cheerful heart is good medicine...Proverbs 17:22

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fun in the... SNOW!

Okay I couldn't believe it when I woke up this morning! All of this snow! How exciting...expecially for my kids! Braeden hasn't really seen snow like this since he was like one..and he probably doesn't remember. I love watching the snow fall but I'm not a huge fan of getting out in the snow. I don't like to be cold! I will probably venture out a little this weekend thought to play with the kids. This is Sophia's first Big snow! She touched it and didn't like it at first. Then she had a change of heart! She wanted to stay out in it! It's been great though! What memories!

Braeden was ready to go out first thing!

Sophia wanted to go out and touch it!

Madison heading to the Country Club to go sledding!

Madison and Madeleine having fun

Connor brought Sophia some snow in a cup. She loved it!

They were trying to get her to eat it!

She was styling today! She wanted the hat on and she went and found a little swimmer. She wanted to put that on over her PJ's! Silly girl! And notice she still has a cup of snow!

Cooper loves the snow!
Look at those red cheeks!

Well today was definitely a day to remember! Today was Shelby's wedding day.
So I had to get the kids in and get ready for the wedding. Dean was at work so I left the kids at home and my parents picked me up. It was snowing right much so I had to use an umbrella on the way out!

I caught this shot of the gang heading into the Country Club!

Watcha getting there Connor?

The girls!

Her cake was delicious! Each layer was a different flavor! Of course I ate a chocolate piece!

The happy couple

Tonight we had to make some snowcream!

Well, this was just day one of the Big January 2010 snow...more pics to come!