Sunday, June 28, 2009

And we are off...

We are leaving for our beach vacation today! I am SOOOOO excited! We will be at the beach for a week. Did I mention how excited I was? We usually go to Myrtle Beach. But this year we are going to stay a little bit closer to home. We will be at Nags Head. I'm looking forward to a week of just being with my family. No stress....hopefully. Just fun times creating memories. We will be just hanging out together, playing games, playing putt-putt, eating junk food, being on the beach and of course taking photos! I will have lots to share I'm sure.
I'm anxious to see how Sophie Girl does on the beach with all that sand! She doesn't like her hands to get dirty. Hopefully she is going to love it!

Friday, June 26, 2009

It's 7:30....

This is what I'm doing....

Bathing a sweet girl...

And getting her ready for bed.

What is your life like?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Faux-Hawk...

"Why did you let him get a Mohog?" This is what I heard from Braeden when we got home today. Connor got his haircut today because he is going to be gone over the next four weeks. I didn't know if we would be able to squeeze one in. So we went today. Connor has been a character today. He was joking around about a mohawk. And as you can see this is how he left the hair salon! Oh, he was loving it. You see, Braeden has been begging me for I don't know how long to get a mohog as he calls it. And for some reason I just can't let him do it. So he was a little upset when he saw his brother. I had to explain to him that Connor's hair wasn't cut like that and he really didn't get a mohawk. Then he was okay.
Connor had his end of the season baseball party tonight also. And he didn't mind wearing his hair all spiked up to the party. People were probably wondering why his momma let him wear his hair like that! He did get a few compliments though.
We had a good time at the party. The boys enjoyed playing the adults in a game of baseball.
This was Connor's last year on the Mustang team. He will be moving up to the Bronco team in the fall.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Today we took a 'family' trip to Busch Gardens. Everybody went except Danny and Dean. They were working. Maybe next time they will go with us. All the kids had a fun time. The weather wasn't too hot...don't get me wrong it was hot but it wasn't unbearable. And it wasn't crowded at all. So that meant no long lines! Sophia was such a good baby today. She even got to ride a few rides! And when they were over she didn't want to get off. I'm glad we all got to spend the day together. Looking forward to it again soon!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I want to cut the grass too!

About a month or so ago we bought Sophia a bubble blowing machine. Well, it didn't work. So yesterday when I was in Chesapeake I took it back to Babies R Us and bought the Bubble Mower. I was actually going to buy this the last time I was there. I should have! I think Braeden had one of these too. But now they have pink ones!
Sophie loved pushing it all around the yard. However, it doesn't blow bubbles that well either. You have to push it really fast to see lots of bubbles. But she didn't seem to mind. She was having fun just pushing it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ribbit, Ribbit

My boys love the outside. What boy doesn't, right? They are always searching for something...spider, tadpoles, butterfly, name it and they have probably found one! Well, today it was a bullfrog...and they got it! Yuck...they know I am not very fond of frogs. But that's alright, they are having fun!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I wanted to recognize my dad today. I couldn't let the day go by without a blog post sending some love out his way! My daddy is The Best! I am so thankful for him. He has always been there for me. And he has certainly showed unconditional love to me all my life. We have so many great memories and we are still making them! Dad, I just want you to know you mean the world to me and I am so proud to be your daughter! I love you!

And now a little about my wonderful husband. He is the most loving father you will ever meet!

Dean is such a good dad. He is so involved in his kids lives. He loves them so much and will do anything for them. I love watching him with the kids. He is so good with them. Even the baby. I remember back last year right after Sophia was born, I got pneumonia and the flu and was put in the hospital. The baby was only about two weeks old. So here is my husband at home with four kids! And one is a newborn. The guys Dean works with said "If anybody can do it, Dean can." And they were right. He knew exactly what to do. It just comes natural to him! He is an awesome Dad. Our kids are so lucky. They are constantly making memories with their dad.
Some may be...
Wrestling on the den floor. Family meals. Cooking with Dad. Walking the dog. Trips to get sushi. Carving pumpkins. Planting flowers. Watching movies. Playing in the yard.

I am so grateful that our children have a good christian father and he is setting a Godly example for them.

Becoming a daddy for the very first time! She was so tiny!

Then three years later, along came Connor.

About three years later, another boy!

Six years later...a daddy for the fourth time to Miss Sophia.

Thank you Dean for the great example of a father and a husband you are setting for our kids! I LOVE YOU!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Tonight concluded our week of Vacation Bible School. We have had such a great time this week at Crocodile Dock. We had a great turn out of kids and a lot of volunteers that helped make it all happen!
Monday~Bible Point~God is with us!

Connor helping out...

Silly boys...

Caught Braeden praying...

Mrs. Fannie finally got Sophie Girl...

Tuesday~Bible Point~God is Powerful!

Look at that concentration...

Sweet boy!


What is it Sophie?

Me and My Boys...

Wednesday~Bible Point~God does what He says He'll do!

Painting "the blood" over the doorway...and saying a prayer for his family.

Kids trying to get protected!

Thursday~Bible Point~God gives us Life!

Friday~Bible Point~God cares for us!

Braeden writing his prayer for his prayer box.

Dean got to come on the last night!

Take note of Braedens foot...His flip flop broke and he went around with no shoe!

Connor won a prize...I think he might be sharing this with his siblings!

Mamaw did such a great job of putting everything together!